Teenagers Bully the MCPS Superintendent. Really?

babyjosh3.jpgThe single most entertaining aspect of Montgomery County Public Schools trying to decide whether or not to close because of weather is when Josh Starr – superintendent and whiner-in-chief – heads to the media outlets and begins braying that a bunch of teen-agers are bullying him online.

In the end, whether he decide to close schools when the temps dip to 10 below zero is beside the point. Parents in Montgomery County have the ability to show reasonable judgment and maturity that the school system doesn’t and make the decision to just keep their kids home. I did.

What’s hysterical is Starr is the same dilettante who has rebuffed meeting with black parents, whose deputy backed him, saying that he didn’t have to meet with black parents if he didn’t want to (after all, she said, that is not how things work in Montgomery County), and who has failed to directly address the number of sexual predators hired by the school system as well as the unmet needs of special needs kids.

Talk about being the bully on the playground, his manner of dealing with parent who disagree with him is to block them from his Twitter feed and essentially stick his fingers in his ears and refuse to listen parents’ legitimate concerns.

Then when students want to voice their displeasure with his leadership (term used lightly here), then he runs to the nearest microphone and moans that he is being bullied by a group of 15 year olds.  Really Josh? That’s the best you can do?

While there is something to be said for civil engagement, yes, Josh Starr’s argument for complaining about how students engage with him on social media is that they are disrespectful. I can say that they learn from their leaders. And if that’s the example he sets, then that is what they will display.

But rather than using his position to foster discussion and making parents and students in the education process, his answer is to whine to the media that he’s being bullied.

To that, all that can be said, is this: Josh, grow a pair.


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